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Prayer for our children
Christening Prayer

Rite by which is realized the membership(support) to the Christ .Il admitted the baptized in the mystery of Easter " death(dead man) and resurrection of Jesus Christ ". It is in Him that quite baptized in the water and in the Spirit is immersed to return to the new life. This rite admits the new baptized to the community of the Church.

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 I am an adult and I am asking myself questions about baptism. Who do I speak to ?
Every year an increasing number of adults are baptised in our parishes. In order to prepare for this ceremony ( as well as for the First (...)

 Is there catechisme for handicaped children and teenagers ?
The Church wants to welcome each person in the name of the Gospel. For children as well as for teenagers, wether their handicap is of menal or of (...)

 How is catechisme taught nowadays?
When parents have their child christened, they also make the engagement to send their child to catechisme. Nowadays, after the awakening of faith (...)

 Is it possible for a mother to have her child christened without the father’s agreement ?
If the father has parental authority over the child the answer is ’No’. Christening is only possible with the agreement of both parents. (...)

 To meditate: your baptism created in your heart a place
(in Jean-René Bouchet, Si tu cherches Dieu, Cerf 1982, p.75)


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