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Diocèse de Valence

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How is the religious celebration organised ?

Before the funeral service, it is important to take the following measures ; usually to contact a firm of undertakers which will contact the parish where the ceremony will be held. They will also set the day and the time for the ceremony together with the family and the celebrant.

Then it is necessary to settle the moment for a preparing -encounter together with the person or the team from the parish who are going to be in charge of the ceremony. ( priest, deacon, sometimes together with another person in charge delegated by the priest)
During the preparation, questions will be asked about the life of the deceased person, the meaning the family desires to give to the celebration, choice of texts, of hymns, and of prayers. It is also the moment to decide who among family and friends will participate during the ceremony through readings or through symbolic gestures.

The celebration itself proceeds as follows ; welcoming at the entrance of the church, Once inside ; rites of the cross and / or of light, reading of texts, universal prayer (Eucharist prayer in case a Mass has be demanded, and if a priest is present), prayer with "our Father", rite of last farewell, ( incencement of the body as a sign of respect, aspersion with consecrated water as remembrance of the deceased baptism), signs of farewell from those present at the ceremony. It has become customary to celebrate the Holy Communion at the same time as the funeral, in order to allow those who desire to receive communion on this day.

Before making decisions, it is important to ask if the choice corresponds to the deceased or to his family. Together with the priest, it is important to talk about all this peacefully and in total freedom.
It has become more and more common to have a celebration with no priest present, and to invite the family to the Mass on the following Sunday.
A person from the family or from the parish follows to the cemetery. Priest are less ans less available for this service.

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