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How to prepare the christening of our child ? Who to go to ?

Usually, the preparation of the christening ceremony is done together with the family’s parish.
Therefor it is necessary to contact the priest or the layman who is on duty at the parish office at least three months before the desired day.
During the registration, for church married couples, the catholic wedding- certificate is aked for. In other cases, a birth certificate can be demanded. During the registration it is also necessary to give the names of the god parents.
The preparation itself is often done during a meeting together with other families who have asked to have their child christened. During this meeting, the subjects of discussion will be the meaning of having a child christened as well as the parents’ involvement in a christian education.
Sometimes one meeting is enough, but occasionally a second one is necessary in order to prepare the ceremony iteself : Choice of texts, songs, prayers, signs such as sign of the cross, handlaying, water, light, ointment, clothes...Later, the full meaning of the christening will be explained to the child during his or her confirmation.

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