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Diocèse de Valence

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I cannot pray. I do not know what to say...

There are many different ways of praying. The prayer we call "spontaneous" is only one way.

It can be used to say thanks for a word or for concern, a demand for a close person, a call for help...But this prayer does not always come in a spontaneous way...we are often preoccupied by our activities our other things.

These "distractions" are a part of our life so why not come before God as we are, with our weaknesses ? God would rather prefer us a little "distant" rather than not at all...In his eyes, all prayer is valuable, so why should we be negative about our own one ? Furthermore, our silence and our presence could also be a way of praying.

There are certain texts in the Bible, or even texts from other books, which touch us and can help us to begin a dialogue with God, and this is prayer.

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