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Marriage without the Holy Communion, is it a real marriage ?

Yes, a church marriage where there is no communion celebrated is still a marriage, recognised as such by the Church. Communion and marriage are two separate sacraments, each one of them with its specific meaning. They can be celebrated separately, but they are not without bonds intheir spirituel meaning. The Mass is the sacrament of the alliance where God offers his Son’s body as sacrifice for salvaion of the world. In the same way, the marriage is the sacrament of the Alliance where two human beings give themselves to each other for life. It is important to remember what is the essence of a christian marriage ; it is the exchange, in front of witnesses, of the promisses made by the wedded couple who, together, make their alliance with God. The blessing given by the celebrant confirms this irrevocable gift inside the couple who wishes to remain attentive to God’s call in their life.

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