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Diocèse de Valence

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My son or my daughter is over 5 years old or is a teenager. How do we prepare their christening ?

The preparation and the celebration of the christening of a child who attends school is different from the christening of an adult. A child can now express his or her point of view, share questions and expectations.
The preparation is therefor done within a groupe, together with a school priest, a movement or within the parish. The first step could be to organise a group of young and older witnesses of faith. Then, as a second step, mark the welcoming of the young person and his or her progress within the christian faith. This is what we call "the catecumenal entry". During the third step "rite of repentance", we recognise our difficulties as Christ’s disciples. Finally, the christening celebration, generally during a Mass, and often associated to the First Communion. The Christening is demanded by the young person in agreement with his or her parents, and it takes place after two years of preparation.

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