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We would like to get married at church. What to do ?

As soon as a couple has decided upon a date for their wedding, they should contact one of their parishes, even if tradition is more likely to celebrate the wedding in the bride’s home- church. Be sure to do this as soon as posible and do not wait too long. Six months or a year beforehand is the best. This also gives time for proper preparation, and to make sure the church is available. The official documents required are : birth- certificate established less than three months before, delivered by the town hall of place of birth. Date and place of christening when one or both have received this sacrement. This is to allow the celebrant to get a copy of the registrer in time. The certificate of civil marriage if this has taken place before the christian ceremony. If it takes place on the same day, it is enough to give to the celebrant before the ceremony.
Preparation itself varies from one parish to another. Usually, it takes place during one or two meetings with a priest or a deacon. This is done according to the considerations of the couple, and at a convienient day and time. It is strongly recommended that the priest or deacon who does the preparation should be the same person as the celebrant of the marriage, but this is not always possible. The couple who desires marriage can also participate, together with other couples, in meetings organised by the CPM (Centre of Preparation to Marriage) held by married laymen. The person in charge of the preparation informes those who are interested of dates and places for the coming CPM meetings. This is a good opportunity to meet other couples and discuss.

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