Aujourd'hui 21 novembre nous fêtons : Présentation de la Vierge Marie -

Diocèse de Valence

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What happens during the ceremony ?

The celebration begins with the welcomming of the child at the entrance of the church. Here, the parents ask the celebrant (priest or deacon) to baptise their child, explaining why they have this desire and what signification this has to them. The godfather and the godmother are also invited to express their involvement and their agreement to give the child a christian education. And the child receives the sign of the cross. Two Bible- texts, which of one from the Gospel are read and sometimes other texts are added. The aim with the reading is to show the meaning of the christening. Follows the prayers, for the child, for its family, the Church, the world...Near the baptismal font the parents, the godfather and the godmother proclaim their Christian faith and engage themselves to fight agains evil. The celebrant consecrates the water and pours it on the childs forehead, saying :"( first name) I baptise you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost" He then oints the child, and he gives, either to the god- father or to one of the parents, the lit candle, sign of Christ, Light and Life. The celebration takes end in front of the altar. Everyone unites in "Our Father", and the celebrant blesses the parents and their families. The registres, and eventually the catholic certificate are signed by the celebrant, the parents, the godfather and the godmother. Commonly, a hymn or a prayer to the Holy Virgin Mary is the end to the celebration.

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