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Diocèse de Valence

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What is the meaning of the different gestures made during the funeral service ?

- The Cross :Cross on the top of the cuffin, cross to open the procession or flowers arranged as a cross, the cross is above all the sign of God’s love. It remains a sign of belonging or identification to the christian community. It is also an sign of hope, that death is a passage toward Life, following Jesus.

- The light : Wether we use wax candles (big or small) thay are the symbol that Jesus is alive above death, and that the Resurrected is present in this world. Light in our lives, this light from Christ is the source of our hope.

- The incense :This is a symbole of respect for the deceased body - honor the body is to honor the person - and a symbole of our prayers rising toward heaven.

- The water : "The aspersion" with consecrated water reminds of the christening. Water is a sign of life but also of risk, of renouncement. Jesus risked his life : his "immersion" into death is "passage" towards resurrected life.

This is why, during the celebration, the water reminds us of the baptisme where God gives us the sign that he calls all men to live forever.

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