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Diocèse de Valence

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What part can the family take during the ceremony ?

During the funeral service, the members of the family are invited to take an active part in the celebration : light the candles around the coffin, lay a flower on the coffin, read a tewt, pray, give witness about the deceased.

This is a way to "personalise" the ceremony and to make it as close as possible to the deceased person. It is also the occasion for the family to express something under circumstances where they often feel unprepared to face the situation. It is a last gesture of love and friendship for the deceased. Finally, it is also a way of mourning, which can help to free the feelings of guilt, that we did not do everything we could have done while the person was still alive.

The participation of the family gives a richness, a "density" to the celebration. It has a sothening effect on all. It creates hope, an opening which is felt by the assembly, even if there are many present who live far from God.

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