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Who can become a godfather or a godmother ? What are their responsibilities ?

The Church asks for several requirements in order to be able to assume the task of a god- mother or a godfather. More than links of frienship or member-ship of the same family, as often desired by the parents,often desired by the parents, it is also necessary to be a christian, baptised and having received christian teaching. Age minimum required, 16 years old.
It is also desired that there is a relation between the godparents’ lives and the Gospel.
These requirements are a proof that the Church is deeply concerned with this christian responsability. Actually, the godfather and the godmother are there to be the witnesses of the christening, and their task is to help the parents in their education. During the celebration the godfather and the godmother give the child the sign of the cross, they declare their dissociation from evil and proclaim their faith in the Church.
The godfather may receive the lit candle and the godmother dresses the child in white, signes of a new life in God. Finally, they sign the registres which confirm the celebration.

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